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  Our Farm

Wilk Farm Sheep
Wilk Farm Lamb


OUR FARM:  Wilk Farm is situated at the head-waters of the Batso River in New Jersey's famed Pinebarrens region.  This sparsely populated and undeveloped region has a rich agricultural heritage. Archeological and recorded evidence suggest this land has been actively occupied and cultivated since 1786.


Among the largest producers of pasture-raised sheep in the state, Wilk Farm has been in operation since 2001.

OUR HUSBANDRY:  As a shepherd for over 20 years, Farmer Mike has strived to develop a nature based pasture production system for his sheep. 

OUR TEAM:   We love what we do and are committed to the success of Wilk Farm

OUR TOWN:  In 2010, New Jersey Monthly Magazine ranked Tabernacle #6 out of the "TOP 100 TOWNS" to live in New Jersey.  Known as the "Gateway to the Pines", Tabernacle is located entirely within the Pinelands National Reserve.   

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