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All of our animals are born, bred and raised here, using mainly organic farming practices.

Our sheep freely graze on pasture untreated by any chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides.  We pride ourselves on our natural and humane animal rearing techniques.  Our flock is free of antibiotics, hormones and vaccinations, with the exception of an occasional dewormer for an individual animal's health and well-being.

Clean water is essential to healthy people and animals.  Our pristine chemical-free water originates from Tabernacle's vast underground aquifer. Our animals do not drink water that we would not drink ourselves. Come see for yourself.  Our crystal clear water troughs are recharged multiple times a day.  

Grass and hay are 97% of our animal's diet.  Less than a pound of shelled corn per animal is fed daily to our sheep.  Our goal is to diversify our animal's microbiome and to closely observe their well-being.  A good shepherd is committed to his flock's healthy diet.

Our lambs spend their entire lives with their mothers. We do not wean and believe the more mother's milk a lamb can consume during its lifetime, the healthier and happier that animal is.  We firmly believe this animal husbandry practice is reflected in the meat produced.   

Lamb Farm
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