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Tabernacle is a small town of 6,949 people conveniently located midway between Philadelphia and Long Beach Island.  Among its many agricultural attractions is the well known Russo Fruit & Vegetable Farm as well as the award winning Valenzano Family Winery.


The Town is located in New Jersey's famed Pine Barrens region.  The Pines are the largest body of open space on the Mid-Atlantic seaboard between Richmond and Boston.  Situated entirely within the Pinelands National Reserve, Tabernacle is considered as the "Gateway to the Pines"; 40% of the 50-square mile town is designated as open space.

Formerly known as "Tabernacle In The Wilderness" in 1778,  missionaries erected a church in the center of town to convert the Lenni Lenape Indians to Christianity.  The town is family oriented and farm friendly.  We welcome visitors searching for that traditional American small town experience.

Tabernacle Township
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